Launch of Legacy Marine L70

Wednesday 13 April 2022

Launch of Legacy Marine L70 | Legacy Marine

Legend of legacy

Pioneers come alive through passion, and this is certainly the case for the Shaw family behind the helm of Legacy Marine. Over 25 years ago passionate fisherman and boating enthusiast Glenn Shaw had a vision to build Aluminium trailer boats superior to anything else on the market…and that he did!

From humble beginnings in a rural shed each boat was hand-crafted, and years later Extreme Boats became New Zealand’s most awarded Aluminium Trailer Boat manufacturer producing over 300 boats per year with more than 20 models in the range and over 100 staff.

Glenn’s passion extended further than most trailer boats could reach however and offshore voyages to fish remote parts of the world ignited a desire to build Aluminium Motor Yachts not only capable of doing these voyages – but doing them in unparalleled performance and comfort.

The best way to understand what is required to make a product work is to use it in the way it is intended, and that is what Glenn and his family did. Offshore passages were made to understand what was required between the demanding passage from Australia and New Zealand, and New Zealand to the Pacific Islands in search of the untouched waters that they held. Over these voyages it became clear what Motor Yachts required to thrive in these environments and it is through this experience along with over 25 years in the Aluminium boat building industry that the DNA for Legacy Marine has been formed.

Each Legacy Motor Yacht is designed to be functional, comfortable to the highest of levels, withstand all the oceans throw it them, and be a Legacy to be proud of through their striking looks and exceptional level of finish.

Legacy Marine is a family owned and operated business built by passion and backed with pride.